DC’s Most Dangerous Villain is A Twisted Version of X-Men’s Iceman

The Justice League’s newest enemy is the Frost King – and oddly enough, he’s basically just a twisted version of the X-Men’s Iceman.

This article contains spoilers for Superman: Endless Winter #1.

The Justice League‘s newest enemy, the Frost King, is basically a twisted version of the X-Men‘s Iceman. DC Comics has launched its latest seasonal event in style, “Endless Winter,” in which the planet has been plunged into lockdown as a result of a foreboding winter. The villain responsible is the Frost King, an ancient being who has been unleashed and threatens the entire world.

The Frost King was entombed millennia ago, apparently by the first Justice League in the 10th century, and his origin story is finally revealed in Superman: Endless Winter #1 by Andy Lanning, Ron Marz, Marco Santucci, and Phil Hester. He was born as Edwald Olafsson, and he thought he was simply an ordinary human being until the day his powers triggered in defense of his son. Olafsson learned he possessed the power of cryokinesis, an ability to summon and manipulate ice. Unfortunately, this power was difficult to control, and soon the whole area was plunged into a harsh winter. Olafsson’s fellow villagers turned on him – and though Edwald was unharmed, his son was not so lucky. That day of tragedy marked the moment Edwald Olafsson became the Frost King.

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“Endless Winter” is perfectly timed for a December release, but readers can be forgiven for recognizing the story – and even the powerset. If Edwald Olafsson had been created by Marvel, he would have been described as an Omega level mutant. What’s more, his powerset is essentially Iceman’s – a cryokinetic who has clearly morphed into an ice form, and is apparently eternal. In fact, even the Frost King’s current feat – his plunging the world into winter – is something Iceman has done before. In Marjorie Lu’s Astonishing X-Men run, an out-of-control Iceman plunged the entire world into a new Ice Age. And, yes, he even turned giant-size while doing it.

Iceman Giant

The Frost King possesses the ability to create an army of ice golems, and while the design is different, that’s a power Bobby Drake has been displaying for years too. The simple truth is that the Justice League’s new enemy, the villain threatening to entomb the globe in endless winter, is basically just a twisted version of Iceman. Of course, the origin story is a little different; but again, the idea of loved ones being injured by prejudiced people is standard X-Men fare, normally associated with Magneto.

All this doesn’t mean “Endless Winter” is reductive. The truth is that there are only so many stories and concepts, and the Frost King has enough unique elements to be an interesting character in his own right – even if his powers and background are strikingly familiar. Still, fans of both Marvel and DC can read the book and imagine they’re getting a tale they could only dream of; the Justice League versus an out-of-control Iceman.

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