ATOM RPG: Trudograd – New Update and Livestream Announcement

Earlier this month, ATOM RPG’s standalone Trudograd expansion received a new early access update, but now we already have this Steam announcement that talks about the next big update that will be adding new locations, items, and quests, as well as some quality of life features. Beyond that, the announcement lets us know that Trudograd’s scope has exceeded the team’s initial plans by now, but they’re still optimistic about releasing it in early 2021.

Here are the text parts, along with a developer livestream announcement:

Hello, friends!

Today we wanted to make several announcements.

Firstly, we are very happy that the reception of last week’s update was so positive.
But thanks to some of your more critical feedback we also see what we can do better moving forward. So keep on sending us your ideas. This is the fuel that keeps us going!

We will try to implement some of the smaller suggestions in the next patch, but the bigger ones will have to wait for the next huge update.
By the way, we already started working on it and are ready to shed a little bit of light on the new content that will be available in it.

You will be able to visit the upper (or rather rooftop) city, a place that is different from the lower slums not only in living standards, but also quests and encounters.

Also, special armour and weapons will get new enchantments. As well as a new quest for those who bought the finest armor in all of Trudograd.

Moreover, we want to add a couple of improvements to the UI. For example: write the name of the active object if you press ALT, add some features to the global map, etc.

It will be very interesting to hear your opinion when we will present you with those new features.


At the moment, Atom RPG: Trudograd has been in Early Access for six months, but during this time it has outgrow our initial plan for a small story expansion. Now it’s shaping out to be a real game with many new characters and quests, made with a new level of quality.

Of course, this transformation required significantly more time than we originally planned for, but we hope that it will pay off in the most important thing – creating the kind of game that you expect from us!

We plan to release the full game in the beginning of 2021. Hopefully not even reaching a year in Early Access 🙂

Also, for those of you who are interested we want to announce that we will be having a live Q&A on YouTube!

We rarely have time for something like that, but we wanted to finally interact with you, guys. English stream will be held on December 12, Saturday; at 16:00 Eastern Time Zone.


Take care and let there be Atom!

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