Super Meat Boy Forever Is Finally Being Released This Month

Super Meat Boy Forever’s creators officially announce a surprising, and rapidly approaching, launch date for the long-awaited game on PC.

After nearly six years, Super Meat Boy Forever is ready to launch. The creators recently revealed the game’s Epic Games Store release date, and it is less than two weeks away. Originally planned as a mobile title, Team Meat’s follow-up to Super Meat Boy has gone through years of development and several iterations since it was first unveiled in 2014. Unfortunately, the team was forced to announce the game’s delay last year, pleading that it needed more time, but have now confirmed a surprising and rapidly approaching release date.

This announcement is not the only exciting news gamers have received recently as it blends together with all of the reveals from The Game Awards. The self-styled “biggest night in games” crowned 2020’s best titles in various categories, with Game of the Year – along with several other categories – going to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II. In addition to the awards, the ceremony hosted a wide variety of world premiere news. The show had anticipated content reveals for games like Among Us, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Fall Guys, it presented official release dates for Returnal and Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, and debuted some spectacular-looking titles like Season. Arguably, most powerful moments of The Game Awards were the long-awaited glimpses at future installments of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

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Team Meat provoked similar feelings from its fans after announcing on Twitter that its delayed game Super Meat Boy Forever would be coming to the Epic Games Store on December 23. The exclamation-filled post is straight forward with its message, delivering the game’s date and platform after a quick “told you so.” The message seems to be directed at to those who were skeptical of the game launching this year after its delay in 2019. Following the text, Team Meat included a roughly 30-second trailer which depicts a series of hectic and brutal-looking platforming levels sprinkled with intense boss battles. Farther down in the replies, the team also provides a link to the Epic Games Store where fans can take 10 percent off the full retail price for pre-ordering the game.

While fans seem primarily excited to get Super Meat Boy Forever’s release date – especially since it is coming so soon – it is possible the game will get some negative feedback for its choice of debut platform. The Epic Games Store has had its share of controversy in the past regarding game exclusivity and sparse features. However, it seems that the ire aimed at the digital storefront is softening as time goes on, so it is possible that Team Meat will not encounter any major difficulties.

It will be interesting to see when Super Meat Boy Forever launches on other platforms. The game still seems to be coming to consoles and Steam, but Team Meat has not revealed anything regarding those release dates yet. For now, it is good to hear some form of the game is just around the corner.

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Source: Team Meat/Twitter

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