People from Wisconsin are being warned against eating raw meat sandwiches

We all have holiday traditions, but this one from Wisconsin has public health officials a little concerned.

At first this feels like like a troll from a public health Twitter account trying to be fun, but the raw meat sandwich is a huge staple is actually a staple of many Wisconsin family’s holiday traditions … albeit a gross one. Referred to as the even less palatable “Cannibal Sandwich,” presumably because someone decided “raw meat isn’t disgusting sounding enough, let’s allude to eating other humans.”

The Cannibal Sandwich is a thin piece of rye bread, topped with raw ground beef, and then some raw white onion, because sadness needs texture. If you think this is some kind of weird fringe thing in certain parts of Milwaukee you’d be wrong. This, from a meat market in Milwaukee:

Cannibal sandwiches are a longtime Milwaukee tradition. Come Christmastime, Bunzel’s goes through over 1,000 pounds of raw beef and about 250 pounds of raw onions, exclusively for cannibal sandwiches.

Now look, I’m not going to slam anyone for eating raw meat. I ate horse tartar when I went to Montreal a few years back. Yes, I ate horse … get over it. But, PSA, if you’re going to eat raw ground beef it has to be prepared properly. Make sure you’re getting it from a place that intends for it to be eaten raw, or, even better, get a steak and grind it yourself at home and eat it immediately.

This has to be the weirdest holiday tradition I’m aware of. My dad insists on eating pickled herring on Christmas Eve, which I don’t have a taste for, but this is even a little further than that. This is a meal-based serving of cold, raw beef, and raw ass onions.

No thanks.

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