Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update #68 – Website Overhaul

In order to put some eyes on their newly-overhauled website, Owlcat Games brings us this Kickstarter update that offers some Wrath of the Righteous wallpapers and a bunch of concept art you can check out and/or download. The update also reminds the game’s backers that it’s time to start delivering their part of the “Design an NPC” and similar rewards.

Check it out:

Fellow crusaders,

This crazy year is coming to its end, and we’re getting closer to Beta. Both events are exceptionally long-awaited, but we have even more good news for you! While you sharpen your Christmas tree and decorate your weapons…or vice versa, we bring gifts and fulfill our promises!

Remember we had a pack of “social” goals back then during the Kickstarter campaign? Well, while we are waiting for the game’s release, why don’t we lighten things up, starting with some minor yet juicy goods? The first of the social goals was the official wallpaper pack, and we are now ready to share!

Get your new wallpaper here:

Our Wrath of the Righteous website was updated. Check it out – it became 100% cooler! But most importantly – we added a big gallery with concepts, art, and official wallpapers. Those packs are available for absolutely everyone! Whether you were a Kickstarter backer, joined the crusade by the preorder, or simply a fan of the game waiting for the game’s release. Hope you will enjoy it!

Oh, also an important reminder! If you pledged on one of those Kickstarter tiers: “Create an NPC face”, “Create a wondrous item”, “Design a monument”, “Design a familiar”, “Design an NPC”, or “Part of the Team” – the time to shine has come! Please contact us by email team[at] ASAP. We need you to continue with the development.

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