Chris Pine Improvised Wonder Woman 1984’s Best Steve Trevor Joke

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins reveals that one of Steve Trevor’s funniest moments in the movie was improvised by Chris Pine.

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins has revealed that Chris Pine improvised one of Steve Trevor’s funniest lines in the movie. The highly anticipated DCEU sequel has finally arrived in the US, and it’s the very first Warner Bros. film simultaneously available to stream on HBO Max and available to view in select theaters as part of the studio’s release plan for the next year. International markets have had Wonder Woman 1984 since mid-December, and while reviews have generally remained positive, the film recently lost its certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes following its Christmas Day release.

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Though some critics may have mixed feelings about the movie as a whole, it’s clear that Chris Pine’s unexpected return to the franchise as World War I fighter pilot Steve Trevor is one of Wonder Woman 1984’s highlights. Pine played a vital role in 2017’s Wonder Woman as Diana’s (Gal Gadot) love interest, who died saving war-time London from being bombed with poisonous gas. From the outset, Wonder Woman 1984’s trailers and promotional material have teased Steve’s miraculous return to Diana’s life, this time in 1980s America. Much of the film’s humor comes from Steve adjusting to a completely unfamiliar future and catching up on what he’s missed, from the fashion to the food.

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Now, Jenkins has confirmed on Twitter that one of Steve Trevor’s most memorable jokes in the movie was improvised by Pine himself. During a virtual Wonder Woman 1984 watch party, Jenkins was asked who came up with the joke of Steve perceiving breakdancing as an active threat, and responded that it was “a straight-up Chris Pine originated reaction.” Check out Jenkins’s full tweet below:

It’s not surprising that this has become a fan-favorite moment, as Steve’s wondrous reactions to just about everything in the future are joyful to watch whether he’s questioning modern art or admiring the subway. Many huge films and TV shows of the past few years have capitalized on 80s nostalgia, and Steve marveling at things that are now fondly remembered as ridiculous and outdated now only makes Pine’s reactions funnier. Chris Pine is no stranger to comedy either, whether he’s playing the wisecracking Captain Kirk in the most recent Star Trek movie trilogy or appearing in both of Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer spin-off miniseries.

Despite some mixed reviews and the many obstacles that the coronavirus pandemic is forcing cinema to overcome, Wonder Woman 1984 is still set to be a success given the less-than-ideal circumstances as it reportedly heads for the best opening weekend at the box office since the pandemic began. There’s no denying that the decision to bring Steve Trevor back in Wonder Woman 1984 was the right one. Not just because his emotional reunion with Diana is one of the major high points of the film, or just because the consequences of his return are a vital plot point, but because Pine provides some great comic relief too.

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Source: Patty Jenkins/Twitter

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