Life After Lockup: Sarah Says People Are ‘Crazy’ To Date Someone In Prison

Life After Lockup star Sarah Simmons spoke exclusively with ScreenRant and gave some advice to anyone considering dating someone who is in prison.

Just because Sarah Simmons has dated a former inmate doesn’t mean she’ll do it again. The Life After Lockup star spoke exclusively with ScreenRant about whether or not she would ever enter into another relationship with someone who is in jail. Sarah has remained transparent since she first appeared on season two of Love After Lockup.

At the time, she was a single mother of one anxiously anticipating the release of her husband Michael Simmons. The two met and fell in love as teenagers, and had already welcomed their eldest daughter Aviahna, prior to Michael’s incarceration. After getting married during his incarceration, Sarah expected to live happily ever after upon Michael’s release. However, she was blindsided when she learned of Michael’s infidelity after she became pregnant with their second daughter Gianha. After multiple attempts of reconciling with her husband, she decided to move on and allow Michael to pursue other women. In season four, she introduced viewers to her new boyfriend Malcolm. But, with Michael coming around to visit their daughters, he has created awkward tension in her newfound romance.

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As someone with deep ties to dating a current and former inmate, Sarah has firsthand knowledge for anyone open to the idea of dating one. While speaking exclusively with ScreenRant, Sarah spoke candidly about if she would ever get romantically involved with a person who is serving time in prison again. “No, I think they’re crazy,” she exclaimed. “When I watch the show, I’m like, “Who in their right mind?!” And it’s crazy, because I’m on the same show, right? But I’m like, “Girl or man, I would never. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.” The mother of two went on to explain what to expect when dating someone who is serving time. “First of all, I know a hell of a lot more of jail talk than anybody else,” she declared. Jail talk is basically just bulls**t they’re feeding you, if you haven’t already heard that.”

With fans having watched the woes of her failed marriage that started when Michael was incarcerated, Sarah touched on why she fell for his jail talk. “At the same time, was I getting jail talk? Probably. But I don’t think so, because we had a relationship, we were engaged, and we had a kid. So how was I supposed to know,” she asked. The WeTV star went on to lift herself up despite knocking down the idea of dating another inmate. “But I am a beautiful girl, and I am a great woman. If I have to resort to find somebody in prison, I might give up entirely,” she said.

The mother of two currently resides in upstate New York with her children while Michael lives in Miami. She continues to battle with her ex over the lack of time he spends with their two daughters.

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