Bachelorette: Dale Moss ‘Nervous’ During Quarantine Haircut By Clare Crawley

The Bachelorette’s Dale Moss says giving Clare Crawley free reign over his hair is a “monumental step.” He looks petrified throughout the experience.

After the speedy engagement of The Bachelorette‘s Clare Crawley to Dale Moss, numerous forces –including cheating rumors – threatened to rock the relationship. But the couple persevered. That is, until Clare gave her fiancé his first at-home haircut. Dale chronicled on Instagram his hilariously stressful experience of letting Clare have free reign with the razor on his precious locks.

Clare, the 39-year-old original star of The Bachelorette season 16, left the show engaged to Dale, 32, after a mere two weeks. As soon as he got out of the limo on night one, Clare knew Dale would be her “husband.” Ever since Dale got down on one knee, Bachelor Nation has speculated whether this was actually true love. Soon after their departure from The Bachelorette, rumors began swirling that Dale was unfaithful. While Clare was in California caring for her sick mother, Dale was spotted in New York City with a slew of women, including models Rachel Hilbert and Brooks Nader. Dale also allegedly shared a quick, drunken kiss with a mystery woman at a restaurant.

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However, Clare and Dale are still very much engaged and partaking in everyday couple activities, including at-home haircuts during quarantine. The retired football player took to his Instagram recently to show himself (jokingly?) cringing as Clare stood behind him with the trimmer. In an Instagram Story video, he told Clare, “You’re making me nervous. I feel like this may turn into an argument.” Clare, in response, patted him on the chest and smiled.

Clare Crawley Dale Moss Haircut


Dale also posted a photo of the memorable day, captioning it, “Today is a monumental step in @clarecrawley and my relationship. Her first time ever cutting my hair and my last haircut of 2020! #NewYearNewMe #winning.” The post can be seen below:

Fans sent Dale their prayers and well wishes, though he didn’t have to worry. Clare is actually a professional hairstylist who (hopefully) knows what she’s doing. Many commented stories of their own at-home hair fails. One of Dale’s followers wrote, “At least she’s a qualified stylist!! My hubby fired me during quarantine last spring… don’t blame him. I had a few wines and thought I was doing good. He thought I was chopping it like Edward Scissorhands…

Putting Clare’s profession aside, Dale’s willingness to let her chop his hair may be proof that the relationship is going strong. He trusts her. Given Clare’s accidental references to Dale as her “husband,” it’s clear she’s still a smitten kitten. The world was skeptical in the beginning because getting engaged after two weeks is practically unheard of, but maybe the phrase “love at first sight” is true in this case.

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Source: Dale Moss Instagram

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