Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Fallon Bring Back the Viral Dress Debate: Blue and Black or White and Gold? – E! Online

Almost six years later, one question still remains: Was that dress blue and black or white and gold?

Dakota Johnson gave her take on the viral debate during the Jan. 19 episode of The Tonight Show.

“It’s white and gold,” the actress replied when asked by Jimmy Fallon, “but it actually sort of looks blue and gold.”

In February 2015, Caitlin McNeill sent the internet into a frenzy by uploading a photo of a dress to Tumblr and making a public plea. “Guys please help me—is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?” the singer wrote. “Me and my friends can’t agree…”

Social media users were divided, and even celebrities were split. Taylor Swift, for instance, tweeted the outfit was “obviously blue and black” while Reese Witherspoon wrote the dress “is clearly” white and gold.

But eventually, the world got its answer: the dress was in fact blue and black.

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