Big Brother’s Jackson Michie Says He Was Secretly Recovering From Drug Addiction on the Show – E! Online

More than a year after winning Big Brother, Jackson Michie is opening up about his secret battle with drug addiction. 

The reality star, 25, who competed on season 21 of the CBS series, got candid on TikTok about his experience on the show. He captioned the video, “My most terrifying post yet. I hid addiction from the world, won the show, and won back my life.”

Responding to a video asking for a “one-in-a-million” story that you “can’t believe happened to you,” Jackson explained that he had a blood clot near his heart less than one month before joining the show, which broadcasted the contestants for 24/7 as they competed for $500,000. However, it wasn’t just his recovery from surgery that made his time on the show all the more challenging. 

“Before going into Big Brother, I was addicted to Xanax, struggled with Adderall and cocaine, and I took my last Xanax less than two days prior to moving into this show,” he shared with his followers. “At the age of 23, I literally went through Xanax rehab, post-surgery recovery, on national television for 100 days and beat 15 people to be the winner of Big Brother 21.”

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