Law & Order: Organized Crime Casts Dylan McDermott

Golden Globe winner Dylan McDermott is set to star opposite Christopher Meloni in the upcoming NBC series Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Dylan McDermott will star opposite Christopher Meloni in Law & Order: Organized Crime. First announced in March of last year, Organized Crime is set to follow Elliot Stabler (Meloni) as he returns to the NYBD. Seeking to fight against organized crime after a devastating personal loss, Stabler hopes to rebuild his life while working as part of a new task force that’s tasked with dismantling the city’s most powerful syndicates.

The spinoff has faced some changes behind the scenes. Craig Gore, a writer on the project, was fired for offensive social media posts. Then, in October, when the series was initially meant to debut, it was revealed that showrunner Matt Olmstead would be stepping down from the role. Ilene Chaiken, the co-creator of The L Word, took over the position by December. Now, Organized Crime has revealed the first actor that will be appearing alongside Meloni as a regular cast member of the spinoff.

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According to Deadline, Dylan McDermott will join Law & Order: Organized Crime. Details about McDermott’s character are not yet known, but the Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee is no stranger to viewers. He’s had roles in American Horror Story and Hostages. More recently, the actor has appeared in two of Ryan Murphy’s Netflix shows: The Politician, in which he played Theo Sloan, and Hollywood.

Still, for most TV audiences, McDermott is perhaps best known for leading The Practice. He portrayed Bobby Donnell in the David E. Kelley legal drama, which aired from 1997 to 2004. Donnell was a rigorous and regularly conflicted defense attorney, often at odds with himself about whether it was justified to represent the worst criminals. The role earned McDermott his Golden Globe win, in 1998, and the actor often found a way to bring out the character development and progression in what was otherwise a fairly procedural drama. While it’s unclear if McDermott will get a similar part in Organized Crime, his experience with adding depth to procedurals is certainly a positive.

For now, however, more attention is trained to the SVU section of the franchise. Mariska Hargitay recently offered a glimpse of what the Benson & Stabler reunion will look like. Given the attachment the fans have to that pairing, it’ll help to tide things over until more details emerge regarding Law & Order: Organized Crime. But, taking into account McDermott’s impressive list of credits, and the fact that he’s a veteran of the genre, it’s clear that an accomplished performer will help to bring attention to the spinoff once it premieres.

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Source: Deadline

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