My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Why Fans Think Ryan Should Be Mad At Whitney

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans truly think that Ryan Andreas should be mad with his ex-business partner Whitney Way Thore for how it ended.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans truly think that Ryan Andreas should be mad with his ex-business partner Whitney Way Thore for how their relationship ended. When everything came to a head, the two went their separate ways with a bad taste in their mouths. Now, viewers are calling Whitney out for her part in the split.

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore partnered with Ryan Andreas to bring her fitness business to life. Unfortunately, their goals for No BS Active didn’t align, and the partnership soon fizzled out. Still, fans are interested to learn more about Ryan, who is still trying to make a name for himself after parting ways with Whitney.

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Fans will recall that Whitney was always a proponent of working out but didn’t want the goal of all exercise to be a slim body. In contrast, Ryan wanted to see his clients’ bodies change while becoming more healthy. Eventually, the duo shared ownership in No BS Active. The two had numerous differences of opinions, which left them dissolving their working relationship.

In a recent episode, the duo got embroiled in an argument where Whitney shared that she may want to move back to Greensboro. This revelation threw Ryan off, leaving him to give an ultimatum to her, essentially threatening to be done with the whole thing if she left. It was not too far after that Whitney realized she really didn’t need Ryan and could find another trainer for her sidekick role. Many TLC viewers feel that Ryan has been cast in an unfair light. Even though the two made up on this week’s episode, fans know they are no longer friends and feel that friendship was doomed to fail, thanks to Chase Severino’s cheating. Ryan has always been cast as the villain who was a frat boy and partied. None of her friends from home liked his company, and the cameras always seemed to catch him being a jerk. In hindsight, maybe he is a jerk, but we rarely saw good moments from him. Many feel he should not be held responsible for being friends with Chase, but it does seem he has been lumped in with the new dad.

For whatever it’s worth, maybe it is good that the two have parted ways since Whitney could not get past the connection Ryan had with Chase. She has found a new partner in her personal trainer, Jessica Powell, and the two are getting along swimmingly as they move on with No BS Active without Ryan.

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