The latest Fall Guys collaboration is with Cuphead, includes two costumes

At this point, it’s clear that Fall Guys, the breakout battle royale title from Mediatonic, isn’t a stranger to collaborations. The studio has already worked with numerous other developers and publishers to bring tons of new costumes into the game. By now, players can find demon slayers, Godzilla, and Ninja in the game. It also has had a fair number of costumes added just for seasonal events, with the latest being an adorable red panda for Valentine’s Day. The costumes added in the latest Fall Guys collaboration though aren’t as adorable, and border on nightmare-inducing. Cuphead is the latest game with characters you’ll see in Fall Guys, with costumes for the eponymous Cuphead and his brother Mugman. 

Players can get the two full Cuphead costumes for 10 crowns each, a fairly steep price. Like any other costume, they’re separated into a top and bottom, each costing five crowns. Players will be able to pick up Cuphead’s costume first this upcoming Wednesday with Mugman’s arriving on Saturday. Likewise, a Cuphead-themed emote is also making its way into Fall Guys and will run players an additional five crowns. 


What’s happening with Cuphead past Fall Guys?

Sadly, this collaboration is some of the biggest news for Cuphead we’ve heard recently. The game was supposed to have its DLC The Delicious Last Course release back in 2019 but was delayed to 2020. The DLC was then delayed again and currently doesn’t have a release window. According to a statement from Cuphead‘s developers, Studio MDHR, the delay was due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

Likewise, Cuphead has a planned trip to the big screens, although a release date for that also has not been announced. Netflix announced The Cuphead Show! back in 2019, and that it would be produced by Studio MDHR and King Feature. Sadly, news on this show has been just as sparse as news on The Delicious Last Course

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