How Apple Is Cracking Down On Expensive iPhone Apps

Expensive apps are nothing new on iPhone or Android, but Apple now appears to be taking a harder stance on those that are outrageously expensive.

Apple is now in the process of cracking down on outrageously expensive apps. It is not unusual for iPhone and Android apps to be expensive, but there are some that can prove extremely costly. This is particularly true when it comes to so-called fleeceware apps and the way they take advantage of monthly subscriptions and billing.

Fleeceware apps are not new to iOS or Android. They are nearly always free to download and usually free to try, albeit for a limited time. Once the free trial comes to an end, the user is typically hit with a monthly charge to continue to use the app. Where the fleecing element comes in, is that the monthly subscription charge is normally far higher than it should be, and what other similar apps charge.

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Apple now appears to be attempting to crack down on fleeceware apps and in fact, any app that charges “irrationally high prices.” The confirmation of this comes via ilia kukharev on Twitter (spotted by 9to5 Mac) who shared a copy of the email currently being sent out by Apple to developers. The email specially refers to these apps as “rip-offs” and that it won’t continue to distribute them through the App Store.

Fleeceware Apps Can Become A Costly Mistake

iOS app scams

While this cracking down by Apple is not solely aimed at fleeceware apps, these are a type of app that can really prove to be expensive. Fees are not often clear in advance and once agreed, even uninstalling the app is not a guarantee that the monthly charges will stop. While fleeceware apps are more of a problem on Android, scammer attempts to target iPhone users have been on the rise in recent times.

Although Apple is getting more serious on stopping the availability of apps that charge higher prices than they should, this is unlikely to completely remove the problem from the App Store. However, there are some warning signs that iPhone and iPad users can take note of to avoid getting scammed. One of the best ones is the free trial. If an app is free to download, and claims to be free in general, then there shouldn’t be any need for the user to sign up for a free trial. If the app does offer one, then that’s probably as good of an indication as any that the app is not worth the download. This goes for whether it’s distributed via Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, or any other app store.

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Source: ilia kukharev/Twitter9to5 Mac

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