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A cyberpunk city-builder? Oh yes, and a darn good looking one too. From GamePlanet, CyberTown puts you in charge of an interplanetary dystopia.

Won’t you take me down

All over the current cyberpunk craze is indie studio GamePlanet. The developer has crafted what looks to be a title to watch too, with CyberTown, scheduled to land on Steam for the PC.

The game put players in charge of crating a massive cyberpunk city, complete with all the trimmings. If you’ve ever seen (or played) something in the genre, then you know what to expect.

There’s a but of a new edge to this one though, in that there’s space travel too. Yes, your dystopia is an interplanetary one. And not only that, but there’s a race-war raging, one between augmented and “wild”. So not only will you have to build your empire, but defend it as well.

Here’s a look at CyberTown in action:

CyberTown – Is an inter-planetary colonization in which we build new cybernetic cities. Take part in a race war between wild and modified humans. Food disasters and other challenges await you on your way.


Looking pretty slick honestly. If you’d like to play though, you’re going to have a little bit of a wait. There’s currently no release date yet set for CyberTown, though you can wish-list it on Steam as of this writing. Stay tuned.

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