Cloud’s Bizarre Hallucination At The Start Of Final Fantasy 7, Explained

Cloud has a strange hallucination in early FF7 that isn’t explained, but it hints there may be more to the Mako Reactors than initially seems.

The original Final Fantasy VII had a lot of strange scenes, and there is one at the beginning of the game that is never explained. It wasn’t until the release of the Japan-exclusive guidebooks that Cloud’s hallucination in FF7’s Mako Reactor 1 scene was finally explained.

FF7 underwent many changes during development, with some early ideas for the game involving a New York City setting and Aerith being Sephiroth’s lover. The story was still being tweaked during development, which is why some elements are introduced and dropped. The overall story of FF7 was later added onto by prequels and sequels, so it can be hard to keep track of everything.

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In FF7, Cloud is being influenced by Sephiroth, used as a puppet to bring the Black Materia to Sephiroth’s wounded body in the North Crater. This is the reason why Cloud has so many strange hallucinations in FF7, as it’s Sephiroth exerting his will through the cells Hojo injected into Cloud’s body. There is a scene at the start of the game where Cloud has a similar hallucination, but it’s never brought up again.

FF7: Cloud’s “This Isn’t Just A Reactor” Hallucination, Explained

Once the player reaches the end of the Mako Reactor 1, Barret tells Cloud to plant a bomb. Just as he’s about to do so, Cloud stops and clutches his head, and the words “Watch out, this isn’t just a reactor” appear on the screen. This dialogue is never repeated (though it will appear in the FF7 section of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, as shown in the trailer), and the scene is never explained in-game. Was Sephiroth telling Cloud not to plant the bomb? Was Cloud’s subconscious warning him about the dangers ahead? Was this a fragment of Zack’s personality coming through?

The explanation for this bizarre scene can be found in the Final Fantasy 7 Ultimania Omega guide, as translated by The Lifestream. The book includes scripts for scenes that were planned for FF7 but never made it into the game, including moments where Aerith and Tifa discuss Zack, as well as a reunion with Zangan. Also included is a scene that was meant for the Nibelheim flashback: Sephiroth was going to explain the purpose of the Mako Reactors and how they suck the life out of the planet, comparing them to the experiment that led to his own creation. Cloud’s hallucination in Mako Reactor 1 was meant to be his memories this Sephiroth explanation, brought to mind as he was back inside of one. With that scene removed, it’s unclear why Cloud’s hallucination dialogue was kept in Final Fantasy VII – and why it will appear in Ever Crisis, as it wasn’t present in FF7 Remake. 

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Source: The Lifestream

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