Unexpected: What Happened To Matthew Blevins After Season 3 Of TLC Show

Matthew fathered 2 children with 2 different Haileys. While he seems to be working at a co-parenting relationship with Hailey 2, fans don’t trust him.

The drama on TLC’s teen parent reality series, Unexpected, just gets bigger and bigger. Season three introduced fans to perhaps the most dramatic of all the storylines: the tale of Matthew Blevins and the two Haileys. Their fans, and even their co-stars, were totally unprepared for the shock of Matthew and Hailey “2” Tilford announcing their pregnancy at the season three Tell All. Now, viewers are wondering what the father of two has been up to since rocking the Unexpected universe.

Thinking back to past daddy-villains of the show, there has always been another side to the young man’s coin. Diego Reyes, for example, knew he was portrayed as an obstinate mule who didn’t care about Emiley Noack, her feelings, or their child. But at the Tell All, he cried and showed his softer side, proving he was just a young man struggling to do his best and making mistakes along the way. But Matthew, on the other hand, spent season three cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, Hailey Tomlinson, disrespecting Hailey and her mother, and ignoring his daughter, Kinsley. Then, at the Tell All, he walked out on stage and immediately showed the host, Ananda Lewis, the most disrespectful viewers had ever seen.

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Considering his terrible reputation and behavior, it’s not at all surprising that Matthew eventually broke off his relationship with Hailey 2 and denied being the father of their unborn child. Hailey 2 then gave birth to a little boy named Levi. After seven months, she was still struggling to get Matthew to be involved in the baby’s life. During that time, Hailey was dating and living with her new boyfriend, Cole. She did an Instagram Q&A and opened up about her plans to have a baby with Cole. She also took the opportunity to explain why she hadn’t taken Matthew to court over child support. Apparently, she didn’t “want him to have any type of rights to a child he doesn’t claim. [She didn’t] want him to be able  to walk in and out when he chooses.


Since then, Matthew had a change of heart and claimed Levi as his own. Interestingly, this change of heart coincided with Hailey 2’s breakup with Cole. It also coincided with rumors about Matthew and Hailey hooking up or potentially establishing a friends-with-benefits situation. Matthew and Hailey deny the two have any relationship outside of co-parenting. Beyond his baby mama drama, little is known about Matthew’s current life. He doesn’t have an active social media presence, so much of the updates about him come from the mothers of his children. Although he’s working at a co-parenting relationship with Hailey 2, he doesn’t seem to have a strong relationship with his first child, Kinsley.

While Matthew insists he and Hailey 2 are just co-parents, it’s hard to take his word at face value. He adamantly claimed he and Hailey would not be returning to Unexpected for season four. But alas, Matthew did return. Hailey, however, was not allowed to return after racist remarks surfaced from her Instagram account. Hailey claims her account was compromised and denies marking the heinous remarks. Matthew, on the other hand, continues to air out his drama on-screen.

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Sources: Hailey Tilford/ Instagram

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