Do These Fake AirPods 3 Provide A Good Look At The Real Thing?

Counterfeit AirPods 3 are popping up on TikToK, possibly showcasing the new design of Apple’s upcoming earbuds. Here’s what they get right.

Ahead of Apple unveiling AirPods 3, counterfeit versions of the upcoming earbuds have started appearing on TikTok. While counterfeit Apple products aren’t anything new, these knock-off versions of the latest AirPods might provide an early glimpse at the new design.

Rumors of new AirPods have been circulating for some time now, and as it currently stands, one of the biggest rumors is that AirPods 3 will introduce a completely new design. The long stem body of current AirPods is starting to look a bit outdated here in 2021, especially when compared with the much sleeker aesthetic of AirPods Pro. Based on what’s known from those existing rumors, these counterfeit AirPods 3 may actually be a good representation of what Apple is working on.

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The TikTok videos were shared by DuanRui on Twitter, and right off the bat, it’s clear that these AirPods don’t look like the ones Apple is currently selling. The charging case is shorter and wider similar to AirPods Pro, as are the earbuds themselves. The stems aren’t nearly as long as AirPods 2, there’s a larger sensor of some kind on the inside, and the heads of the earbuds appear to be angled more to provide a better in-ear fit.

What These Fake AirPods 3 Get Right (And Wrong)

AirPods Pro no stem

While it might seem silly to be talking about a knock-off Apple product in the first place, just about everything seen with these counterfeit AirPods 3 lines up with months of reporting about what to expect from the latest Apple earbuds. Numerous sources have all but confirmed that AirPods 3 will be getting a design refresh this year,  specifically, making them look more like AirPods Pro. In other words, the AirPods seen in the TikTok videos are more than likely what legit AirPods 3 will ultimately look like.

The only thing worth pointing out is the weird plastic shell surrounding the fake AirPods case. It’s unclear if this can be removed from the case or if it’s a permanent design decision, but regardless, this more than likely won’t be present on the real deal.  Outside of that, though, everything else looks shockingly accurate.

While counterfeit Apple products (or counterfeit products of any company) are certainly a problem, it is nice being able to get a clearer idea of what AirPods 3 will look like in the real world. CAD renders and mockups are one thing, but outside of Apple actually announcing AirPods 3, this is about as close as folks can get to seeing what they look like. If anything, it’s a bit scary just how good counterfeit tech items have gotten — especially for things that are still unreleased.

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Source: DuanRui

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