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Get ready for 2D, hack ‘n’ slash action in Buka Entertainment and LUDUS FUTURE’s Demon Skin. The title is out now on the PC via Steam.

Carve ’em up

Demon Skin plunges players into an epic struggle against ever-increasing odds. Smash and crash your way through deadly realms and rip weapons from the cold, dead claws of slain demons in a relentless, battle-strewn adventure brimming with devious traps and hulking bosses. Level-up your warrior, hunt down secret artifacts and master the art of juggling weapons (occasionally hurling one into a crowd to split enemy skulls, of course) until you’re unstoppable.

The demons won’t know what hit them…

Buka Entertainment

Demon Skin is out now on the PC via Steam, and totes with it a tidy 10% off sale price for its launch period. Prefer to play on console? PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are on the way too, but not until later this year.

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