Temptation Island: How Many Episodes Are In Season 3 & When The Finale Airs

Season 3 is almost over, and fans are eager to know more about the double-episode finale. Find out why the finale is split into two parts and more.

Season 3 of Temptation Island is coming to a close, and fans are in store for a double-sized finale on Tuesday. Each week the viewers saw the cast form bonds and grow as people, all while wondering if the couples will leave together. All the answers that fans have been craving all season long are about to be revealed, and it’s sure to be just as dramatic as the rest of the season has been.

On Temptation Island, four couples’ relationships were put to the test as each partner went through a gauntlet of hot and very eligible singles. Some of the couples, like Julian Allen and Kristen Ramos, demonstrated a level of growth and maturity that will likely lead to them leaving the island together. However, there were others, like Kendal Kirkland, who used the show as a free pass to cheat. Fans may think they know how things turn out, but there’s still time for a curve ball before the season ends.

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Season 3 has not been long—only 10 episodes so far— but the finale is set to air this week and it’s going to be a two-part episode on Tuesday at the usual time. The first hour will feature the final bonfire ceremony, where the couples will make the ultimate decision. They can return to the relationship they came in with, or they can leave alone or with someone else. The second hour will be a reunion episode that brings back the season 3 single women and men, and of course, the couples. 

On the reunion show, host Mark Walberg will take a deep dive with the cast to find out what went right and what went wrong with their relationships. Fans have been dying to know which couples leave together and which ones break up for good, and now they’ll find out even more details on the reunion show. There’s bound to be some drama and awkwardness, but that’s exactly what fans want to see.

It’s bittersweet moment for fans of Temptation Island season 3—they’ve waited all season to find out which relationships make it off the island, but after that, the season is done. At least it’ll be going out with a bang on Tuesday by serving up a double dose of the dramatic and steamy show that fans have grown to love. There’s no telling what will go down during the final bonfire and reunion show, but it’s sure to be an epic ending to an amazing season.

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