90 Day Fiance: Mike’s Confederate Flag Decor Spotted After Editing Slip-Up

The 90 Day Fiancé editors dropped the ball again after fans spotted an un-blurred piece of Confederate flag decor in the background of Mike’s home.

Fans jumped on Mike Youngquist after a surprising editing slip-up on a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? revealed some unfortunate confederate flag-themed decor. Mike and Natalie have been named one of the franchise’s most irritating couples, but lately Mike has been doing the lion’s share of the irritating. Many fans are slowly coming around to Natalie and see Mike as the problematic element in their relationship. Now it seems there’s even more about Mike that is objectionable, and fans are glad his misguided views made it past the show’s squad of editors.

On this season of Happily Ever After?, Mike and Natalie’s relationship has been slowly unraveling, and the couple’s trip to Oklahoma to visit Mike’s mom Trish for Thanksgiving didn’t help things. Trish and Natalie fought and argued the entire time, and Natalie even claims that Trish called her a “hooker.” Although Mike and Natalie returned to Sequim, Washington, there are clearly simmering resentments between them. However, the couple is still trying to make it work, and in a recent episode even adopted a rat together.

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Mike and Natalie were alternately playing with the new rat and arguing together in the kitchen, when an eagle-eyed fan spotted a disturbing piece of decor in the background behind Natalie. Though it is blurred out throughout most of the scene, there’s one moment where a Confederate flag-themed decorative piece (perhaps a glass) can be clearly seen. Fans have been giving Mike the villain label all season, and his Confederate flag decoration gave them even more reason to judge him.

“I just hate him more and more with each episode,” a fan commented, while another added, “the rat has the most class in this picture honestly.” Even though Mike lives in Washington and not in the South, many fans weren’t surprised to see him with such offensive and tone-deaf decorating in his home. “I could tell just by looking at him and his mother they were racist republicans who prob think the election was stolen from trump,” another fan argued. There’s zero excuse to have Confederate flag paraphernalia, and it’s disturbing that the show has been trying to hide it for so long.

The slip up on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? isn’t the first time the franchise has had an editing mishap. In season 8, the show spoiled Jovi and Yara’s ending by showing Jovi’s wedding ring before the finale. The series has gone to great lengths to hide Mike’s Confederate flag decor, and it’s blurred out in almost every moment it’s on screen. But the editing crew missed a frame, and now fans’ opinion of Mike has plummeted even farther.

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