Chapelwaite Images Tease Jerusalem’s Lot Series Adaptation

The first images from Epix’s forthcoming horror-drama series Chapelwaite tease the Adrien Brody-led adaptation of Stephen King’s Jerusalem’s Lot.

The first images from Epix’s forthcoming horror-drama series, Chapelwaite, tease the Adrien Brody-led adaptation of Stephen King’s “Jerusalem’s Lot.” The series centers on Captain Charles Boone relocating his family to the sleepy town of Preacher’s Corners, Maine in the 1850s after the death of his wife at sea. It also follows the ambitious young woman, Rebecca Morgan, returning to what was her hometown to write a story for the prestigious Atlantic Magazine. Both of their arrivals will force them to confront the secrets of their families’ sordid history that has plagued them and the town for generations.

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Brody stars in the series alongside 12 Monkeys and Schitt’s Creek alum, Emily Hampshire, and also serves as executive producer with series writers, Jason and Peter Filardi, and Ready Player One‘s Donald De Line. The series was first announced to be in development in late 2019 with Brody attached to star. After an initial delay in production due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the crew got to work filming the series last summer and now the network is ready to bring the adaptation to audiences.

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With just over a month left to go until the series premieres, Epix has revealed the first set of images from Chapelwaite. The pictures offer an intriguing look at the titular mansion plagued by evil as well as Brody and Hampshire’s Boone and Morgan. Check out the first-look images below:

Adrien Brody as Captain Boone in Chapelwaite

King’s bibliography is one of the most iconic in the horror genre but also one of the most-frequently adapted for the screen. Although when it comes to the small screen, his work has generally been translated into multi-part films or miniseries. This approach has generally proved to be a better fit for the expansive nature of his works, though “Jerusalem’s Lot” is something of an interesting choice for this approach given it only amounts to roughly 50 pages of material. But if to look outside of King’s works towards the likes of Game of Thrones, there is proof that expanding past the source material is possible as long as it remains true to its core, and the images for the series are encouraging.

Rather than elect to update the story to a more contemporary time period, the creative team behind Chapelwaite has chosen to keep the narrative rooted in the mid-1800s setting of King’s short story. This past era should prove effective in establishing both a creepy atmosphere and the possibility of some effective jump scares. The latest King series adaptation will debut on Epix on Sunday, August 22.

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