Demonic, Elysium Director Interested In Making GTA-Like Open-World Game

Following his addition to Gunzilla Games, Elysium director Neill Blomkamp shared his interest in one day making a GTA-like open-world title.

On the heels of joining Gunzilla Games, Demonic and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp expressed an interest in someday playing a part in the creation of a Grand Theft Auto-like open-world game. Earlier this week, Gunzilla Games announced that Blomkamp had entered the studio’s ranks as the Chief Visionary Officer.

Blomkamp’s first project in the role will see him assist with production on Gunzilla’s new project, a story-driven online shooter that presently lacks a title. The Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Kyiv-based teams are leading the charge on the AAA multiplayer adventure, with the Hollywood director helping round out the “narrative and art lead roles,” according to studio CEO Vlad Korolev. But while Blomkamp and the crew at Gunzilla Games currently have their hands full with the mystery multiplayer title, the Elysium director has shared an interest in other types of interactive experiences.

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Speaking with Screen Rant, Neill Blomkamp said he wouldn’t mind participating in the creation of an open-world game à la Grand Theft Auto in the future. He expressed an interest in building a sandbox that players could fully immerse themselves in, specifically acknowledging the creativity and world-building involved in crafting such an experience. Blomkamp explained:

“Everything right now is based on getting [the multiplayer shooter] right. But the way that I think of it is I haven’t just joined for the game, I’ve joined for a longer period of time on the game. I’ve joined the company, so who knows what the future holds. But I know that I’m personally extremely interested in an immersive sandbox kind of environment down the line, where you can build a whole world and let the user experience it. I love that idea.”

District 9, Elysium Director Neill Blomkamp Working On Multiplayer Game

The scant amount of known details regarding Gunzilla’s shooter suggests the project still has a while to go before it’s ready for the spotlight. Thus, it could be some years before Blomkamp has the opportunity to explore a Grand Theft Auto-esque open-world title.

Of course, this doesn’t mark the first time Blomkamp has turned his creative efforts towards the world of video games. The District 9 director and writer helmed a Halo short film in 2009, for example. And many may recall 2019’s Conviction, a short Neill Blomkamp directed in 2019 ahead of Anthem’s troubled release on consoles and PC.

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Source: Screen Rant

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