Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Is The Dirty Harry Of Superheroes Says Director

Black Adam director, Jaume Collet-Serra, compares Dwayne Johnson’s performance as the villain turned anti-hero to Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.

Black Adam director, Jaume Collet-Serra, compares Dwayne Johnson’s performance to Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. After working together on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, Johnson recruited Collet-Serra to helm Black Adam—which is expected to redefine the hierarchy of power in the DC Extended Universe and spearhead its next chapter. Johnson has been attached to the anti-hero Teth-Adam/Black Adam for almost a decade, and after a nixed cameo appearance in Shazam!, will finally be introduced in an origin film set to premiere in 2022.

Any plans for Johnson—one of the biggest stars working today—to cameo in other DCEU projects were scrapped in favor of a definitive debut as Adam, one of the most powerful characters in all of DC lore. Adam is an Egyptian slave who is granted superpowers by the ancient wizard, Shazam. Despite starting with the intentions of freeing those enslaved by dictators, Adam’s hunger for power leads to him becoming a tyrant himself, which positions him as the arch nemesis of the superhero Shazam and, eventually, an anti-hero. It’s unclear how much of this mythology Collect-Serra’s film will adapt.

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In an interview with Variety, Collet-Serra talked about working with Johnson on Jungle Cruise and Black Adam. Citing his lack of comic book knowledge and growing up on iconic ‘80s movies, the director described Black Adam as the “most complex puzzle of [his] career.” That said, Collect-Serra talked about subverting expectations associated with Johnson’s persona while comparing his take on Adam to Eastwood’s Dirty Harry. Read what Collect-Serra had to say below:

Having just done a romantic adventure comedy where he’s very light, I was really attracted to getting the dark version of Dwayne. Basically, turning him into Clint Eastwood in a Western. I was like, ‘You’re like the Dirty Harry of superheroes,’” he said. “I didn’t have to convince people that I was right for this one in the same way that I did for ‘Jungle Cruise.’ It’s like things I’ve done with Liam [Neeson], that tough-guy antihero who has a heart. The world is not black and white. The world is in gray areas, so you need these people that are riding that gray area.

Black Adam flying to the ground.

DC fans will likely be pleased by this comparison. Given the reaction to Zack Snyder’s much darker cut of Justice League (as well as the success of DC ventures like The Dark Knight trilogy), Black Adam should be a step in the right direction for the seemingly aimless DCEU. Johnson himself has expressed a desire for his Adam to clash with Henry Cavill’s Superman and is rumored to support the SnyderVerse’s restoration—arguably the perfect sandbox for a superhero comparable to Dirty Harry.

Black Adam officially wrapped filming last week and will also introduce Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Quintessa Swindell as members of the Justice Society of America. It seems likely the titular character will clash with these heroes as they facilitate Adam’s redemptive arc. With DC FanDome being held this Fall, fans should get some sort of first look (maybe even a teaser trailer?) within the next few months.

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Source: Variety

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