Apex Legends Glitch Causing Players To Lose Progress After Matches

Over the weekend, a large number of Apex Legends players reported losing progress related to XP, Badges, and Ranking Points after logging out.

Over this past weekend, hundreds of Apex Legends users began reporting the loss of in-game progress after logging off. Such a seemingly widespread issue, unfortunately, comes on the heels of Apex Legends‘ Season 10 launch. The new content drop arrived earlier this month on August 3, making way for a new Legend named Seer, Ranked Arenas, map adjustments for World’s Edge, and additional weapons.

Seer already counts as a fan-favorite character, according to data that recently showed the newest Legend boasted the highest pick rate. He, apparently, needs a bit of fine-tuning, though, with developer Respawn Entertainment admitting that Seer feels too powerful at times. Like several other Legends before him, then, Seer will receive balance-related updates, smoothing things over to ensure everyone’s on an even playing field. And if reports from this past weekend are anything to go by, the crew at Respawn has a few other balancing acts to take care of, as well.

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A few days ago, Apex Legends users took to an EA Answers “Mega Thread” to report lost progress issues. Hundreds of reports were listed, all featuring players relaying similar concerns – progress related to XP, Rankings Points, and Badges was deleted after logging out of the online title. VGC notes that one player, in particular, spoke of earning 750+ RP, only for such progress to be lost due to their account constantly resetting. Another fan said their in-game achievements went down the drain multiple times throughout a single day. One user in the Mega Thread claims that equipping a Battle Pass skin may serve as a temporary workaround, telling fellow Legends:

“What I did was equip one of the BP skins, because due to the glitch none of the BP skins were equipped but you still could see them (which made it glitch so hard). When you do that, boom, your progress is saved and it will keep saving now. I didn’t got my progress back, though, I have to start again from where it got reset to begin with.”

As shown in the above post from EA Help, EA and Respawn Entertainment are currently investigating the matter. However, at the time of writing, a permanent solution has yet to surface.

Here’s to hoping the trouble can be resolved quickly. Until then, Apex Legends players may want to at least try using the Battle Pass skin solution for a temporary fix.

Launched in early 2019, the free-to-play shooter from Respawn instantly achieved meteoric success on consoles and PC. The studio later brought the battle royale experience to Nintendo Switch; now, fans patiently await word on a release window for Apex Legends‘ native PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions.

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Apex Legends is playable now across Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA Answers via Video Games Chronicle

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