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It ain’t all calm breezes and shantys when yer sailin’ the high seas. Some of what you’ll face in “nautical RPG” Maritime Calling will test yer mettle too.

Raise the mizen mast

In Maritime Calling, players are tasked with over-sea-ing all of the facets of ship life while also keeping an eye out for the dangers of the open waters. From the simple act of raising the anchors and lifting the sails to more advanced maneuvers like fighting off enemy ships and changing course altogether, a captain’s true prowess lies in their ability to get the most out of their crew and themselves. Their lives are a pendulum constantly swinging between uncapped maritime merriment and harrowing life-or-death decision making; it’s a role that only the most resilient and clever individuals can hope to fill. 

Tiamat Games

Ready to set sail ye land-lubber? Well hold yer sea horses, as Maritime Calling is still a little ways off. The game is set to sail onto the PC, via Steam, no September 28th, 2021.

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