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Sega and Creative Assembly’s Total War Saga: Troy has just gotten a little more fantastical. That’s due to the just-released expansion, Mythos.

No, not the beer

Mythos adds in a ton of content to the base Troy game. That includes mythic beasts like the Hydra, Cerberus, and Griffin, as well as new redesigns for the game’s already existing units. So instead of more realistic units, you can now command the likes of “Centaur, Giants and the Minotaur”.

Additionally, there’s a free dose of Troy content as well. That includes an expansion of the game’s mode of play. Three different modes are now included, all offering something a little different, with Mythological, Historical, and Truth Behind the Myth.

Both that free update, and Mythos are available now to add onto the base Total War Saga: Troy game on the PC.

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