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Rebellion’s Evil Genius 2 already is packed with more evil-doing that you can shake a frickin’ laser at, but now it’s got robots and portals too.

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Ever wanted to walk through walls and get from one side of your vast evil lair to the other in an instant? Well, now you can thanks to the experts at Aperture Science who have worked wonders to bring the world of Portal to Evil Genius 2. The new free DLC pack is available now for all PC players and includes a host of amazing upgrades for your lair based upon the classic Portal games from Valve. These include portals, autonomous turrets, propulsion gel and more…


In all, the free download includes:

  • A new room type – the Test Chamber
  • 4 new traps (Propulsion Gel, Repulsion Gel, Cake That Is A Lie, Aperture Science Multi-Purpose Science Panel)
  • 4 new Loot items (Orange Portal, Blue Portal, Companion Cube, Actual Cake)
  • 3 new Lair items (Turret, Security Camera, Test Chamber Door)
  • New Decor items
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

But wait there’s more! Also releasing today is the Mechanical Minions Pack, which includes:

  • 2 New minion types (The Work-O-Tron + The GuardBot 2.0)
  • 3 New Lair items (Work-O-Tron Assembly Line, GuardBot 2.0 Assembly Line, Robot Charging Station)
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

Unlike the Portal pack, Mechanical Minions isn’t free, though it’s not all that expensive, priced in at $3.49 USD. All of the above should be available today, to be added onto the base copy of Evil Genius 2.

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