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Madelyn Pryor is back, and that might mean that the Hellions are going to be in for a world of hurt in issue number 18. But then again, maybe not.


Marvel’s peaceable-mutant-kingdom is in all kinds of trouble. The death of the Scarlet Witch, the trial of Magneto, a second “Inferno”, and now the return of the original Inferno’s main villain, The Goblin Queen.

The sometime-villain makes her long-awaited return in Hellions #18 this December, and she might be bringing some hellfire and brimstone with her. Marvel teases that she might be friend, and not foe, though it’s also important to keep in mind that issue #18 will be the final one for the book. So…

Orphan-Maker has committed a horrible crime. As he faces the ultimate penalty, the cracks in the team are on full display. Secrets, betrayals, alliances and loss all come to the surface as the fallout of Orphan-Maker’s actions threatens to end all the Hellions have worked toward! 

Plus, a final decision is made regarding one of the most troublesome figures in mutant history: Madelyne Pryor AKA THE GOBLIN QUEEN. Fierce X-Men ally turned vengeful X-Men villain, the controversial clone of Jean Grey and ex-wife to Cyclops has served many roles over the years. Will Maddie return as a friend or foe?

Marvel Comics

Watch for Hellions #18 on the stands some time this December.

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