First major update for Deathloop addresses camera movement and adds DLSS

For all the praise Deathloop received when it released, there was plenty of criticism on the other end of the spectrum. Many players lambasted its PC version, calling it out for numerous technical issues. Frame drops, wonky mouse-controlled camera, stuttering, all of which helped make up a list of issues that many PC owners couldn’t ignore. Developer Arkane attempted to fix the stuttering with a patch, but many of the primary concerns lingered. Today’s update, however, is the biggest yet for Deathloop, and it addresses camera movement, performance, and adds Nvidia’s DLSS to the game.

It’s hard to say if the update truly fixes things for all players, but the list of changes are promising. Most notably, the Deathloop update is designed to fix both frame drops and the “hitches in camera movement.” Both of these problems have been chief concerns for players since the game launched last month. And it has taken a month to see them get fixed. Clearly, these weren’t easy for Arkane to clean up. The update also improves performance and game stability, “especially with ray tracing.” Further improvements are geared toward audio mix quality, NPC pathing and reactions, and leaning consistency.


The Deathloop update isn’t all camera movement, as it includes additions such as DLSS. For the latter especially, the addition of Nvidia’s nigh-magical tech should offer a higher framerate across the board. Other additions include support for the Sony DualSense controller audio, and a “poor connection quality” indicator that shows an exclamation point whenever your connection gets dicey.

Loads of fixes and a better outlook on re-life

The update brings a wealth of other fixes. Laser mines, fireworks, and turrets are now “fixed.” Though, not having played the game yet, I’m not sure what that entails. The patch also fixes an issue where weapons would be dropped when trying to switch them via the mouse wheel. Alexis Dorsey should also be easier to spot in the crowd. Be sure to check out the patch notes for the rest.

Hopefully, with this update and any future patches, Deathloop will run perfectly for all PC players. Arkane has been making some good, steady progress. The game has moved from Mixed reviews to Mostly Positive on Steam, which is promising.

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