Before The Harder They Fall, Check Out The Prequel Starring Michael K. Williams

Okay, fine, “They Die By Dawn” isn’t a prequel in the traditional sense. Though the characters in both films share names and are based on the same set of historical figures, the stories occur in entirely different worlds. However, the film is the perfect precursor because it’s an introduction to the filmmaking style of Jeymes Samuel, the man behind both stunning reclamations of the Wild West. “They Die By Dawn” sees four outlaws, each with a bounty on their head, set a date for a shootout that will allow the last man standing to walk away a very rich winner. And in typical Western fashion, violence and mayhem ensue. The film is jam packed with incredible performers, including Michael K. Williams, Erykah Badu, Isaiah Washington, Nate Parker, Jessie Williams, Rosario Dawson, and Felicia Pearson. 

Samuel does a lot in only 50 minutes — showing off his knowledge of the genre, mixing it with his passion of music. All in all, he proves how close the story is to his heart. If you only know him for his filmmaking, it becomes immediately clear that Jeymes Samuel works magic with music. And if “They Die By Dawn” isn’t enough to hold you over until “The Harder They Fall” finally arrives, then good news — there’s more. Samuel is a longtime lover of the Western genre and mined it for inspiration before devoting time to filmmaking. 

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