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The Man of Steel is back and better than ever. The remaster of the iconic Superman: The Animated Series arrives at retail tomorrow.

The Last Son of Krypton

Batman’s own classic animated series has always gotten the majority of the attention. But Superman: The Animated Series was and is still one of the most iconic representations of the Man of Steel ever.

The show was loaded for bear. It had fantastic versions of Superman’s allies and villains, and arguably the single best Superman and Lex Luthor ever. And I mean that in reference to any medium. But while the show has been available in a few formats for a while, it’s never looked quite this good.

That’s because this latest Warner Bros release is “fully remastered”. If you’ve seen the remaster of Batman: The Animated Series, then you know what to expect. Basically, the show should look crisper and more vivd that it has in a long time.

The press release says that all 54 episodes have undergone “extensive color correction, dirt and scratch clean up”, along with something called grain reduction. That all works together to create what the company calls a “pristine picture”.

So if you’re a Superman fan, this is a Blu Ray set to check into. That’s something you can do when the collection hits stores tomorrow, October 26th.

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