John C. Reilly Says Alana Haim Reminds Him Of Joaquin Phoenix In Licorice Pizza

But Reilly’s gushing didn’t stop there. After visiting the set, Reilly was instantly drawn in by Haim’s performance as Alana Kane. “You know the phrase, ‘You can’t take your eyes off her?’ I’ve experienced that feeling before, watching a fireplace or a baby, but rarely with adults,” said Reilly in the interview. “When I visited the set, I remember sitting there and being glued to the monitor, even between takes. I turned to Paul, and I was like, ‘You can’t take your f***ing eyes off [Alana].’ He looked at me like, ‘Right?'”

While that quote is very sweet, it makes me wonder what kind of fireplaces Reilly has seen. I mean, a baby I understand, the miracle of life, etc. But a fireplace? I mean fire is fun and I have more candles than is financially sound, but I’ve never considered comparing my favorite acting performances to a sick fireplace. However, the fun comparisons don’t end there, Reilly kept the compliments coming, saying

“The only other actor who makes me feel that way is Joaquin Phoenix. Watching him is like watching a raccoon rummage through garbage cans. What is he gonna do now? Why look at anything else, while this is going on? It’s hard to keep that energy on camera.”

I’m not sure if Phoenix should, or even would, be insulted by that, but Haim took it in stride and responded to the whole thing with the very relatable quote, “Oh my god.” Same, girl. Same.

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