There’s Something About Mary’s Cut Scene Explains Sully’s Disappearance

In There’s Something About Mary, Healy’s friend Sully (Jeffrey Tambor) disappears with no explanation but a deleted scene revealed his grisly fate.

In the Farrelly brothers comedy There’s Something About Mary, Jefferey Tambor’s Sully disappears with no explanation, but a deleted scene explained his grisly fate. Sully’s deleted fate in There’s Something About Mary ties into a lot of the typical gross-out humor the Farrelly brothers are well known for, which is on display in the likes of Dumb and DumberShallow Hal, or The Ringer.

There’s Something About Mary is probably their most famous comedy, and the story follows Ben Stiller’s Ted. The former geek lost his shot with popular girl Mary (Cameron Diaz) in high school after an embarrassing incident right before taking her to prom. Over a decade later, Ted realizes he’s still in love with Mary and hires private investigator Pat Healy to track her down. Healy himself later falls in love with Mary too and he reaches out to a cop friend named Sully (Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor) for help.


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Strangely, Jefferey Tambor’s Sully just kind of vanishes from There’s Something About Mary after a few brief appearances. However, a deleted subplot revealed that Sully was a former cocaine addict who relapses and he is eventually eaten by his neglected pet python. Sully’s relapse occurs when Healy offers him a beer, though very much aware of the fact that Sully has been sober for over a year. This isolated incident sends Sully spiraling down the path of drug abuse again and he resorts to snorting copious amounts of cocaine. As a result of his crippling addiction, Sully leaves his pet python completely neglected and it eventually ate him. When Healy later arrives at Sully’s apartment he finds his pet python engorged and satisfied in a deleted scene.

Sully's Snake After Eating Him in There's Something About Mary

In the final cut of There’s Something About Mary Ted, Healy and Tucker – played by Lee Evans of the underrated sci-fi adventure The Fifth Element – go into Sully’s apartment to find it a total wreck. Healy calls out to Sully asking what on earth happened but he doesn’t answer, and instead, the three men fight about Healy’s scheme. The snake and the fate of Jeffrey Tambor’s Sully are thus never revealed, which is something most viewers tend to miss on first viewing.

Without the cut snake scene, the meeting at Sully’s apartment and the state of it also seems a little strange. While the fate of Jefferey Tambor’s Sully was restored for There’s Something About Mary’s extended cut, he essentially vanishes in the theatrical cut. Presumably, this subplot was considered a little too dark, or maybe the Farrelly brothers felt the story flowed better without it.

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