Dragon Ball’s New Villain Will Go Berserk Because of the Ultimate Wish

The villain Gas wasn’t present when the Heeter Force made their wish for him, and once he realizes the side effects, he will most likely lose it.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dragon Ball Super chapter 78!

Goku and his friends’ latest enemy Gas, who’s the muscleman of the villainous Heeter Force, will completely lose it in a future Dragon Ball Super chapter once he recalls the side effect of the wish his own familial teammates made for him to become the most powerful warrior in the universe.

When Granolah the Cerealian made the wish to become the strongest warrior in the universe, the summoned dragon Toronbo granted his request on the condition that Granolah would only live for three more years. Granolah originally shared this unfortunate side effect to the Heeter Force when he divulged how he gained so much power in such a short time. Gas was present during this explanation, but he wasn’t there when his family made the same wish for him. It’s possible that Gas forgot about this unfortunate criterion for becoming the strongest warrior in the universe based on his comments in chapter 78.


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It’s understood that Gas wants to ensure his colleagues in the Heeter Force achieve their goals. But he has demonstrated himself capable of voicing his disapproval of them. In fact, he recently expressed an unwillingness to become the strongest through the Dragon Balls but eventually relents upon hearing how it will ensure their success. So, if Gas remembered that he could lose the vast majority of his life like what happened to Granolah, he would have likely articulated his disapproval. He did not, however. It’s therefore highly likely that Gas forgot the condition and that he will be most displeased once he realizes that his family members still made the wish even after hearing how it would affect him.

Of course, Granolah only had to make the sacrifice because of his own weakness. Toronbo explained that he could make Granolah as strong as his latent potential allowed, but going beyond what he was physically capable of would shorten his lifespan exceedingly. It’s quite possible that Gas is somehow extraordinarily strong and won’t actually have to give up any years of his life because he could naturally become the strongest warrior in the universe on his own. The likelihood of this is quite low. Also, why else would writer Akira Toriyama go out of his way to have it so Gas isn’t present when his family members make the wish? Most likely because it will affect the story later on because there has to have been a reason for it. And the only explanation that makes any sense is that he wouldn’t have wanted to sacrifice years of his life to become the strongest, especially since he already voiced his disapproval. Once he finds out, it can be theorized that Gas will fall into an uncontrollable rage that will be directed at both Goku and his friends in addition to the Heeter Force.

This wouldn’t be the first time in this particular Dragon Ball Super arc that a villain turned out to be so much more than just another bad guy. Granolah the Cerealian originally lured Goku and Vegeta to his homeworld to enact his revenge against the Saiyans for the genocide of his people. But upon learning that Goku’s father Bardock saved him, Granolah became their ally and diverted his anger to Gas. Gas‘ prospective freak out upon him learning the truth about the wish that made him stronger will likely drag the other members of the Heeter Force into the battle, forcing Goku and his friends to temporarily align themselves with them to bring him down. This flip-flop would fit quite well with what is becoming this saga’s theme of unlikely alliances that began with Goku and Vegeta teaming up with Granolah.

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