Here’s The Latest Round Of Kevin Feige Giving Perfect Non-Answers To Pressing Marvel Questions

Here are the non-answers from Feige about when Nova will hit the MCU, with a reference to “Black Panther.” Listen, I know it’s not about “Black Panther” per se, but I will never pass up a chance to post a picture of Chadwick Boseman. Wakanda forever! In an interview on’s Phase Zero podcast (via ScreenRant), Feige said vague things about where Nova may appear, but added this about the entrance of T’Challa into the Marvel films:

“Black Panther is a great example, we were always working on a Black Panther standalone, the world of Wakanda and how to dive into that. Then the opportunity for him to appear first in Captain America: Civil War, so it always varies.”

So, I’m guessing from this non-answer that we might see Nova or a Nova hint appear in an upcoming film? He did the very best trick here, which is making me remember how much I love Chadwick and how much I wish he were still here. Now I forgot what we were talking about! Ah, Kevin, you keep a mess of secrets under that baseball cap, don’t you? Truly though, I do appreciate it. Sometimes knowing too much — or thinking we do — leads to things like rampant Mephisto speculation in “WandaVision.” (Yes, I am guilty of digging up old comics in my house and listening to everyone and their mother try to figure out when we were going to see him. Perhaps I’m not alone?) It’s sometimes nice not to be spoiled for everything. Occupational hazard, but I mean, spoiled for everything more than I usually am. 

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