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The last 2 figures in DST’s initial Lord of the Rings Select line have hit stores. Aragorn and a Moria Orc are both out and ready to be added to your collection.


Goblins, orcs… whatever you want to call them, the usurpers of the Dwarven kingdom of Moria framed one of the most memorable parts of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Of course, that goes for the Ranger of the north, otherwise known as Strider, otherwise known as Aragorn too.

As with all of the characters in the first series of DST’s LotR figures, the latest selection of offerings is a double dose of big names. And for the army-builders out there, the orc is very welcome indeed. Then again, so is the packed-in build-a-figure part.

This wave finalizes the huge Sauron figure, with parts include with both Aragorn and the orc. The big-bad of the LotR saga, Sauron’s latest plastic incarnation stands a commanding 13″ tall once fully assembled. Just remember, you’ll have to have the rest of the figures in the set to do that, as a piece of him is included with each.

Again, all of those are out now, as this is the last wave. So if you’re aiming to build the Dark Lord, you’d best get to it.

Aragorn and a Moria Orc are the two figures in this series, each with weapons and accessories – Aragorn includes a torch, his ranger sword and the sword Anduril, while the orc includes a sword, a spear, an alternate helmeted head and removable shoulder armor so you can customize different orcs!

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