Finding Hope Among Harsh Times Through Creativity And Serendipity

The finale of “Station Eleven,” lensed by cinematographer Steven Cosens, begins with Miranda talking about logistics — “the path things take from A to B.” She’s creative but works slow; she considers herself a ghost who doesn’t stay in touch with people; and she’s sealed herself up in a room in Asia as the world is ending. (I can relate on all counts, just as I can relate to lines like, “Journalists have to go outside.”) Yet the relic of the story she’s drawn binds the show’s characters, and her talk of logistics gives expression to what we’ve seen on “Station Eleven,” which is people crossing paths, coming together and drifting apart at various points in their lives.

“I remember damage,” Miranda says. “And escape.” At a young age, she lost her family to a hurricane named Hugo, and after that, art became her sanctuary. On her last night on Earth, she finds herself on the phone, pleading with a pilot named Hugo to keep the sick people on his plane quarantined so as to save the lives of those in the Severn City Airport.

The paths of Kirsten, Tyler, Clark, and Elizabeth, all of whom, like Miranda, share a connection with Arthur, converge half a world away at that same airport. It turns out Clark and Elizabeth, now older and white-haired, are still in the place where Tyler left them all those years ago when he ran away after seeing a sick man gunned down.

He burns down the Museum of Civilization and they handcuff him to a pipe. It’s Kirsten who devises the plan to have them work through their issues via theater, with Tyler playing Prince Hamlet and Clark and Elizabeth playing King Claudius and Queen Gertrude. Arthur realizes that he met Kirsten when she was a girl and it’s only then that he — the resentful “CEO whisperer” turned community leader — agrees to her plan.

Right before he goes onstage, Kirsten reminds Tyler that it didn’t work when she herself stabbed him. Alexandra (Philippine Velge) has put a real knife in his hands, but he drops it, and Elizabeth later agrees to leave with him.

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