The Surprising Influence H.R. Giger Had On Batman Forever

Ling revealed that the production team worked with H.R. Giger, who came up with early designs for the Batmobile. According to Ling, Giger brought his trademark biomechaical aesthetic that was a huge staple of the “Alien” franchise, resulting in a unique take on Batman’s signature vehicle:

We had early discussions with [‘Alien’ designer H R.] Giger about the Batmobile. He had these insane, fabulous, weird scribbles that were very like ‘Alien.’ It was exciting that this strange mind briefly touched upon us, but it didn’t work out.

The production team would eventually hire Trans-FX to design the final version of the film’s Batmobile, which sported a more elongated design and neon lights in keeping with the final design aesthetic that Schumacher was chasing. In the years following the release of “Batman Forever,” Giger’s unused concept art did eventually surface online – including a 3D model and Giger’s own sketches. The end result feels less like it should be prowling the streets of Gotham City and more like it should be flying among the stars, so it isn’t hard to see why Giger ultimately departed the project. 

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