Fortnite update adds pizza you can eat with your squad

Since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1, Epic Games has kept the season fresh with the regular addition of new content. Most recently, monsters have taken over the battle royale and dynamic weather has arrived in the form of tornadoes and lightning. Also, this season has introduced more ways than ever to replenish your health and shields. Med Mists and Shield Kegs are just a couple of fan favorites. If that was not enough, the latest update has delivered pizza to Fortnite. Indulging in a few slices will restore your health and shields.

You may have noticed a Pizza Pit waiting at the area of the map where Tilted Towers emerged, or maybe not since it was covered in snow. Now, it is producing pizza which can be found in chests, loot llamas, supply drops, or on the ground. Fortunately, if you want to guarantee yourself a pizza box, you can purchase one from an NPC. Tomato Head has them for sale, and you can find him roaming the Pizza Pit in Tilted Towers. You will have to give up 50 of your gold bars for each box you buy.


Join the pizza party in Fortnite

Once you find a pizza box, you can throw it down and it provides eight slices of pizza. You and your squad can begin tucking in, and your health and shields will be restored simultaneously. If you have any slices left, you can always save some for later.

At the time of writing, pizza boxes are not enabled in the Fortnite competitive playlists. However, Epic Games state that they are subject to an evaluation period. Looking ahead to the next update, the Spider-Man’s web shooters will have 20 shots instead of the usual 80 shots in competitive playlists. The aim is to make players be more tactical with this mobility boost.

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