Disney+’s The One And Only Ivan Trailer Has Talking Animals And Bryan Cranston

Disney has now released two films that were intended for theaters on Disney+ and the record is split. Artemis Fowl was a clear miss, while Hamilton is already whatever the streaming equivalent of a box office smash is called. The tie breaker is set to come next month when Disney+ debuts The One and Only Ivan, another movie that was set for theaters but will now take the Disney+ cutoff. And now we have our first look at the new film which stars Bryan Cranston and a host of celebrity voices, including Sam Rockwell as the voice of Ivan.

If what you really need right now is a heart-warming family story to help you get through the current emotional nightmare, then The One and Only Ivan looks to be the perfect film. While it might not be a Disney concept, it very much has all the hallmarks of the ‘Disney movie” in all the best ways. Check out the trailer below.

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