Samuel L. Jackson’s Quentin Tarantino Characters, Ranked By Badassness

1. Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

You in all probability may have predicted from the start that Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction would prime this listing, as, frankly, the character may justifiably rank as one of many nice badasses in cinema historical past – not needing both “Samuel L. Jackson performances” or “Quentin Tarantino motion pictures” as qualifiers. Way over only a hitman trope, Jules is a man who sees the world for all of its vivid colours and numerous shades, made curious by the mysteries of the universe and in search of its deeper meanings as his life is miraculously spared throughout what needs to be an strange job. Even given the non-linear, anthology-esque construction of the story, he nonetheless winds up having a strong arc within the movie, going from murderer to thinker as he begins to grasp the depths of existence, and it’s an epic journey to comply with that’s made ever pleasant having a complete badass on the middle of it.

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