Snowpiercer Premiere Ending Twist Explained: Who Really Is [SPOILER]?

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Warning: Spoilers forward for the Snowpiercer premiere episode!

The debut episode of TNT’s Snowpiercer TV sequence ended with a serious twist surrounding the identification of Mr. Wilford, the founding father of the globetrotting practice. The post-apocalyptic sequence is predicated on Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 movie of the identical identify which was, in flip, impressed by the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige. The story follows an enormous practice (1,001 practice automobiles lengthy) carrying the remnants of society after the world was a frozen wasteland. The TV reimagining is headlined by Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly together with an ensemble forged.

Within the sci-fi film adaptation, the Snowpiercer train was based by a person named Mr. Wilford (Ed Harris). His firm Wilford Industries constructed the practice after predicting the demise of humanity after the world tried to cease international warming. The enigmatic Mr. Wilford did not simply function the practice’s inventor, he was additionally the conductor who resided within the entrance automobile. Seeing as he was a recluse, the vast majority of the practice by no means got here in touch with the person. The identical could not be stated with the TNT present’s model of the character.

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Although the Snowpiercer TV sequence is a reboot of types, it shares many similarities with the movie, together with the presence of Mr. Wilford. Apart from the tail-end part of the practice, the opposite passengers blindly observe Mr. Wilford as if he was their savior. He invented the circumnavigational practice to behave as an ark for saving humanity. The staff of the practice, together with the hospitality staff and the breakmen, function Mr. Wilford’s zealots. Little do they know, Mr. Wilford is definitely Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly), the pinnacle of hospitality who additionally serves because the Voice of the Practice. On the finish of the premiere, Melanie enters the conductor automobile and takes over the controls as a person refers to her as “Mr. Wilford.”

Mr. Wilford’s identification marks Snowpierecer‘s first large twist nevertheless it additionally brings up quite a few different questions. Was there one other Mr. Wilford who invented the practice after which handed on the accountability to Melanie? Within the movie model, Mr. Wilford needed Curtis to take over his position by main the practice. Melanie may have been groomed from the start to take over. Another choice can be that she was the unique founding father of the practice and used a pseudonym. Melanie was sporting an MIT sweatshirt, indicating her technical schooling may have led her into turning into a genius inventor.

Both approach, the chief of the practice now has the ability to observe over the passengers with out revealing her identification. Whereas the film model of Mr. Wilford resided in his quarters, Melanie’s position as a hospitality worker offers her an opportunity to instantly work together with each section of the practice — and she or he clearly has a fascination with the lower-class part on the tail. Melanie’s objective is to maintain stability and order, and she will obtain this by gauging threats first-hand. The remainder of the passengers, in addition to the employees, are unaware of her true identification, since they create up Mr. Wilford’s identify in conversations with Melanie. In fact, the reality will most likely come out on Snowpierecer someday down the road.

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Snowpiercer debuts new episode Sundays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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